Cessna Ride

We often go sightseeing by land. How about this time, we do it by air for a change? We give you the opportunity to see Beirut and the surrounding area from the skies! Get a loved one to hop on board with you and experience breathtaking views of our beautiful Lebanon.

Prices per trip not per person.

Beirut – Jounieh : 300$
Beirut – Faraya : 500$
Beirut – Cedars : 600$

How many persons can be on board – 3 passengers

Booking should be made 3 working days in advance. Copies of ID or passport , photo passport, address and phone number of all passengers should be sent prior to flight upon booking.

Contact us on 03-670785 for reservation 3 working days in advance to schedule your activity’s date and time at your convenience.