This event has passed.
  • Every Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm until 04:00 pm, Feb 22 2016 to Jun 30 2016
  • Downtown, Kaslik // Sô, Ashrafieh // D.T., Downtown
  • Food & Drinks

"Chapter - The Food Agenda” is a new healthy division launched a few months ago within Found’d Group, the mother company of Downtown, Sô, D.T., The Gathering, Memory Lane, Terroirs-Y-Seleccion, Downtowner (in Badaro - recently opened), Sticks and Maki (in Mar Mikhael - recently opened next to Memory Lane) and Santiago.

”Chapter-The Food Agenda” is a program dedicated to finding a convenient solution targeting your body and mind equally by catering to your nutritional needs. Our approach consists of offering specific and personalized nutritional plans provided by appointment with our dietitian, Ms. Carla Aoun, in order to suit your needs. Meals can be delivered to your doorstep or are prepared in three different branches:
"Downtown" in Kaslik, "Sô" in Ashrafieh, and "D.T." in Downtown.

For more information, contact:

- Downtown +961 9 222 211
- Sô +961 1 336 644
- D.T. by Downtown +961 1 999 932