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Chemin de Peinture - Art Exhibition

Karl was born on November 14, 2007, from Roum - Jezzine in the South of Lebanon.

He started painting since he held the pencil, he drew distinguished drawings with felt pen and continued his career as by the advices of several famous Painters.

Karl is training himself to draw with acrylic on canvas in his own workshop using brushes and other tools such as knives, sponges and wood sticks…
Karl archive holds more than 80 paintings with variable sizes from 35cm till 120cm (horizontal), and he is still painting daily to express his creativity, dreams and talent through colors.

The proceeds of the events will be for TAMANNA.
Tamanna is a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses. Turning a wish into reality empowers a child to combat his illness, giving him hope and happiness in times of great stress and hardship. Any child between 3 and 18 years with a critical illness, residing or being treated in Lebanon, is eligible for a wish. Today, Tamanna serves 15 hospitals across the country. Wishes are served without regard to nationality, religion or socio-economic background.

The exhibition will run until Saturday June 11th, 2016.
You are welcome to come on Monday till Saturday from 10:00 am till 06:00 pm.

For more info call: 01 975 655

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