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  • Every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 08:30 pm until 10:30 pm, Mar 08 2018 to Mar 11 2018
  • Theatre Beryte, USJ, IESAV, Beirut, Lebanon
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Chokhta Chokhten - A play with Patricia Nammour

Chokhta Chokhten شخطة شخطتين

By Carlotta Clerici, played by Patricia Nammour

La pièce de théâtre Ce soir j’ovule écrite par Carlotta Clerici, rapporte l’histoire de Mada, d’une trentaine d’années, libre et indépendante. Mariée à l’homme de sa vie, elle a envie d’avoir son premier enfant. Ce dernier tardait à venir. Et là commence le périple de cette femme qui souffre de frustration, de culpabilité face à son incapacité à tomber enceinte, des traitements invasifs qu’elle subit et de la distance qui naissait entre elle et son mari.

'شخطة شطتين' مسرحية مقتبسة عن ce soir j 'ovule للكاتبة كارلوتا كليريشي.
تتناول المصاعب النفسية والجسدية التي تواجه الأزواج خلال محاولات الإنجاب من خلال حوار شفاف لا يخلو من الضحك

The play “Ce soir j’ovule” - شخطة شخطتين” written by Carlotta Clerici tells the story of Mada, a free and independent woman in her mid 30s. Married to the man of her dreams, she decides to have her first child. This decision takes Mada on a journey. She suffers from frustration, guilt facing her inability to become pregnant, invasive treatments she undergoes, and the distance that arose between her and her husband.

NOTE: Every Saturday after the show, a gynecologist and a psychotherapist will be present for a Q and A.


Tickets are Librairie Antoine all branches.
Prices at: 35 000 LL - Students 25000 L.L

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