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Chouf Lebnen Bel Barouk

A fusion experience in Lebanese Mountains

Today’s trend is to look for authenticity and tradition, to value our culture and heritage. But today is also an opportunity towards more openness to the world, to new horizons.

Imagine the traditional Dabke mixed with Hip-hop and break dance, or zajal mixed with Rap, or the regular jar of jam made by a local lady wrapped as if it was a precious object…

The festival will initiate a new trend in the area, where traditional elements blend with trendy and modern aspects. The mix will be definitely an outcome not to be missed.

"Shouf Lebnen Bil Barouk" Festival*, is an activity under USAID Baladi Program - "برنامج "بلدي within "Promoting Sustainable Tourism in Barouk Fraidiss", a project implemented by René Moawad Foundation - LB


Shouf Lebnen Bil Barouk Festival – 2015
A Fusion of Experiences in the Lebanese Mountains
August 29 - 30, 2015
Starting 4:00 pm - Nabh el Barouk

August 28, 2015

4:00 pm –Opening Ceremony of the Rachid Nakhlé Cultural Center and Barouk-Fraidiss Patriotic Trail (supported by the USAID-funded BALADI Project).
5:15 pm - Opening Ceremony of The Mouneh, Handicrafts and Food Market (supported by the USAID-funded BALADI Project).
5:45 pm – Vertical rope dance - Barouk Square. Graceful and daring dancing performance on the trees of Barouk.
6:00 pm – Lebanese Artists Painting Exhibit at Rachid Nakhlé Cultural Center
8:30 pm – Return of Zajal. Exciting semi-sung ‘debate’ with local poets accompanied by percussive instruments.
10:00 pm – Star Joseph Attieh Concert (under the patronage of his Excellency
Lebanon’s Minister of Tourism, Mr. Michel Pharaon)
For this day only: You can buy the National Anthem Postcard customized for you in special Arabic calligraphy!

August 29, 2015

4:00 -11:30 pm – The Mouneh, Handicrafts and Food Market
7:30 pm – Entertaining Bike Show
8:00 pm – Amazing Magic Show
8:30 pm – Live painting exhibition with artist Bernard Renno
9:00pm – Dabkeh Meets Hip Hop Performance
9:30 pm – Concert by the Composer Salim Assaf and the Maestro Ramzi Al Hakim
10:30 pm– Bonfire (Feu de camp) on the rhythms of live guitar music

August 30 2015

4:00 -11:30 pm – The Mouneh, Handicrafts and Food Market
7:30 pm – Mini Studio Live Performance
9:00 pm – A walk under the moon on the Barouk-Fraidiss Partiotic Trail and on the vibes of live musicians.
For this day only: Don’t miss the jugglers, stilt walkers, contortionists, donkey rides, and live cooking shows! You can also adopt a Cedar tree!

Continuous Festival Activities on August 28, 29, 30
Starting 4:00 - Nabh el Barouk
• Mouneh, Handicrafts and Food market. Enjoy local foods, buy authentic local handicrafts, and take a bit of Barouk back home!
• Biking
• Kids games
• Soap playground,
• Walking & hiking tours of the Barouk-Fraidiss Patriotic Trail. Get to know more about the poet behind the Lebanese national anthem, and book your hike of the patriotic trail including 12 cultural and historic sites.

Festival Services and Special Offers
• Free shuttle from the festival to the Shouf Biosphere Reserve and back.
• 15% Discount on all Barouk-Fraidiss guesthouses, hotels and restaurants during the festival period.

*Free Entrance - for more info 03/467070, 70/010300

Municipality: , 05240222 – 05241222