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Christmas is the jolliest, happiest time of the year, and it's only the beginning!
So, join us at Cafe Deprague starting the 16th to the 25th of December, for the ultimate Christmas shopping.

We have gathered for you, handcrafted items made by wonderful artists, you could end up with the most unique handcrafted piece, a gift for yourself or your loved ones!

Stop by everyday from 10am to 6pm and get the chance to meet up with these artists and get a close up on their unique artwork!
Here is the schedule:

Tuesday 16: Alice Asdourian]]

Wednesday 17: Dana Barchini

Thursday 18: Rytta Boustany/ Cherry Perry]

Friday 19: Sandrine Zeinoun

Saturday 20: Arly Khatchadourian

Sunday 21: By Mery

Monday 22: Grace Traboulsy

Tuesday 23: Regina Simeonides
Instagram: akima_accessories

Wednesday 24: Nayiry Taslakian

Thursday 25: Alice Asdourian

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