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This Christmas before you leave the house looking for gifts to offer, sit quietly and center yourself for a few minutes.

Visualize the real purpose of your task in the delighted faces of those you are gifting.
Feel warmth in the region of your heart as you do this visualization.
When you go to the store, return to this warm, centered feeling as you enter the store.
Be mindful of each person for whom you are buying a gift, rather than the hectic pace around you.
Focus on the friendly faces and happy encounters around you.
Be mindful of the joy of giving, returning to this whenever you can.
Be mindful of your limits.

This season, visit us at Hilton Hotel, Habtoor Grand, the Lobby, where we are showcasing our new collection from 8 - 23 Dec, from 10 am till 10 pm and get a 15% discount by presenting the code PROMOLATIFA

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Make sure not to lose your chance....

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