This event has passed.

Like every month storytellers and listeners have been gathering in AltCity for an open evening of oral and live stories.

Each Storytelling night is unique, and everyone is welcome to come and listen, come and tell. On these nights, we come as listeners and as tellers: we may ramble on, recite, relate, recount, retell, or recollect; however, we may even read and perform.

We welcome storytelling in all its forms. Come speak, dance, act, recite poetic narratives and be part of a creative community.

You might hear traditional tales, stories of personal experience, literary stories, original stories, ballads, or episodes from history, all told through the human voice.

Join us on Monday January 19 for another exciting episode. Evening starts at 8:30 pm sharp.

Don't be late! We get started "almost" promptly :)

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