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Coaching Foundations Day

Join Gerard O’Donovan and Pauline Sawaya for a fully certified training experience filled with valuable guidelines on becoming a Life, Executive or Corporate Coach and running your own business as a Coach.

Whether you want to simply take the skills back into the workplace or run a full or part-time coaching business, this coaching foundations day is your chance to find out all about Life, Executive and Corporate coaching.

You will receive the most in-depth definition of coaching to date by Gerard O’Donovan who is currently the worldwide President of the International Institute of Coaching(IIC), one of the world's leading accreditation and standards bodies for coaches trading in 102 countries, and will help you understand what true coaching is, how it works and why it is taking the business world by storm. You will also become familiar with the best accreditation programs, who the main governing bodies in the world are, and all about the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M).

Get all your questions answered and experience the different and many ways of earning an income as a coach.

The Day Will Provide You With Coaching Foundations and Will Cover All Aspects of Becoming a Coach including:
- What is a Life Coach?
- What is an executive coach, and what do they do?
- What is corporate coaching and workplace coaching?
- How Life Coaching can transform people’s lives?
- The benefits of applying Life Coaching Skills in the home and work place
- What qualities and skills a prospective Life Coach needs to possess
- Find out why Noble Manhattan is the best provider of Life Coach Training
- The opportunity to become a self-employed Life Coach
- Learn about the four key pillars of life coaching
- The training options available
- Listen to testimonials about how coaching has dramatically changed people’s lives

During this workshop, you will also:
- Get your hands on real coaching techniques
- Experience receiving coaching for yourself first-hand
- Obtain the full trainers pack for running and delivering a highly interactive coaching workshop
- Be given an income generating tool worth over $350

Receive a Certificate of Attendance by Noble Manhattan:

Noble Manhattan Coaching was founded in 1993 and has its international administration centre based in the subtropical paradise known as Weymouth on the south coast of the UK and are currently trading in 30 countries throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Midde East.

Noble Manhattan is endorsed by The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) which is responsible for the majority of leadership and management qualifications awarded in the UK outside the HE sector. Currently, around 90,000 candidates per year register for ILM qualifications.

Noble Manhattan is also accredited by The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring, an International Accreditation Body for Coaches and Coach Training Providers currently with memberships in 102 countries.

Join Gerard O’Donovan and Pauline Sawaya on April 19th at Riviera Hotel For a Fully Certified Experience on Life, Executive, and Corporate Coaching Only for 99$

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