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It’s that time of the year again, the festive season has started and for most of us it’s just another good reason to gather with friends and loved ones over a good meal, listening to music in a laid back atmosphere and of course, holding a great beer.

What we all probably hate about this season is the traffic jams, the crowded malls and that eternal hunt for gifts.

What about a getaway far away from the city buzz, in a magical setting?
What about a 600 sq. festive tent hidden in a beer garden by the sea?
What about a two-week long Christmas market filled with loads of surprises, good vibes and a great festive spirit?

Well, it’s happening this year…

The Colonel Christmas Market
From Dec 10th to Dec 23rd
Weekdays from 5H PM until 12H AM
Weekends from 12H PM until 12h AM

Wait a Minute, it’s not just that! But December will be filled with Christmassy Craft Workshops, concerts, shows, events & parties.
So stay tuned!

The Christmas Market stalls:

Expect a real Christmas market to explore, complete, with over 20 traditional stalls selling all manner of goodies. Of course, there’ll be food, with sweets, chocolate, honey, gingerbread and more to wrap up and place under the tree. You can also indulge in tasty treats, like crepes and hotdogs as you wander round, holding a fresh crafted beer.

But it’s not all edible. There’ll be loads of present-worthy pieces for you to pick up: candles, knitwear, ornaments and decorations, hand crafted items and unique gifts to finish your Christmas shopping list peacefully.

The Christmas Market show:

Renowned local bands, entertainers and stand up comedians are expected to warm up the nights during the two- weeks Market and December month.
A complete lineup of various artists from different styles and backgrounds will rock the stage once again (2 months after the successful International Craft beer festival of this year).

The Christmas Craft Workshops:

Happening on the first two weekends of December

The holiday season is a great opportunity to set our imagination and creativity free. For this reason, several art and craft workshops will take place during the first two weekends of December; a chance for you to offer your loved ones gifts vouchers or learn how to make a special gift for them.

People can then learn how to create their own personal, handcrafted gifts and ornaments. They can also learn how to prepare yummy Christmas plates and discover how to make craft beer at home.

HO HO Hope to see you all there!

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