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Communication Skills and Business Etiquette Training

When our ideas cross the privacy of our brains to reach a certain target audience aiming to share a common understanding; the communication process starts. How we are perceived by others and the extent to which we can impress in sales, negotiations, interviews or any other kind of encounter is determined by our communication style which either leaves a positive impression or causes disappointment. With the fierce competition, consumers are being more demanding and selective than ever before which necessitates delighting them.
Communication is the key; hence is this training which covers but not limited to the following topics:

Verbal and non-verbal communication skills- internal corporate communication and communication with all the stakeholders
Business etiquette
Etiquette of the net and social media
Public speaking and enhancing the presentation style
Personal branding

This communication training helped many business professionals develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive outcomes for themselves and their organization!
The ability to develop good interpersonal skills and create rapport in today’s modern world can make—or break— any career.

This transformational workshop, besides serving the purpose of delivering thoroughly the aforementioned topics to the attendees, aims at expanding the participants’ ability to be in a relaxed state of presence and deliver their communication with effectiveness, confidence, clarity and joy. This is accompanied by equipping the attendees with the necessary business etiquette knowledge required in any encounter with clients/stakeholders.

Who can participate?

Any person who needs to communicate -Students, faculty and staff, employees at different managerial levels representing companies from different industries.

You are kindly requested to settle an amount of 200$ upon registration. The payment can also be done via OMT ( please send the code to 70524804).

You can also settle the payment in person at EON training center, Saeb Salam, Beirut, Lebanon.