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With Mr. Noir Barakat

Course Description

Digital photography is progressing so fast these days, photographers tend to show out their expensive camera, expensive lens, and flash and start bragging about their photography kit, arguing about this brand versus that brand and most often looking down on everyone with “beginner” equipment. Unfortunately, many people believe that just buying a camera they are already halfway through winning an award in photography.
During this course, students will learn that money doesn’t buy the skill. A camera doesn’t matter! It's neither their camera nor their camera kit that makes them photographers. It's them.  It’s true that the impact of a photograph depends on the subject matter, the composition, the light but these things can be captured on any camera.

By the end of the course, students will have learned how to:

• See without a camera
• Always remember to put their vision and creativity first, and let the tools follow
• To think of photography as therapy for what they see is what they are
• Tell stories well for eyes are a projector not only a viewer

No Prerequisite
Course fees: 320 USD
Course duration: 5 weeks- 15 Academic periods
Places are limited, Early booking is highly recommended
Call FAPA – Fine Art Photography Academy: 71-011977
Zalka, Starbucks bldg.

P.S: FAPA offers Full Photography Officially Certified programs,
for more info please feel free to contact Tanya on 71-011977