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Cooking the Perfect Steak Workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Lebanon

Date: Saturday 13 October
Time: 9 AM till 12 PM
Price: 100$
For all those steak lovers out there, learn how to cook the perfect steak for theirs and your tastes. During this two-and-a-half-hour practical class our #LeCordonBleu #MasterChefs will take you through all the keys stages of cooking a steak - from selecting the right cut, precooking preparation, cooking, assembling and the best bit, tasting!
Content of Cooking the #PerfectSteak:
- How to select a good quality Beef steak
- How to trim a Steak
- Methods of identifying different cooking degrees - blue, rare, medium-rare, medium, medium well, and well done
- How to make a pan-based sauceeak
-How to make a pan-based sauce
- How to assemble the finished dish

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