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  • Monday Sep 10 2012 from 07:40 pm until 11:40 pm
  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • Sports & Outdoor

Cool Night Ride in Beirut

Event open for public
Length of the track : approx. 20 km
Level : medium


7h45 - 8h25: Rally point at Cyclo Sport - Gemayze for resgistration and bicycle pick up.
8h30 sharp: We ride to Achrafiye (some nice uphills are waiting for you)
9h45 - 10h15: Stop at "Assir El Hamra" for a juicy drink
10h45: Stop at "Zeytouna Bay" for a photo shot
11h15 : Arrival to CycloSport Gemayze to deliver the bikes
11h30 - 12h30 : Meeting at the pub for a drink (the pub will be fixed soon)

2- Fees :

Participants with own bicycle : 10 000 L.L
(including insurance, escort car, guide, water)

Participants with rented bicycle : 20 000 L.L
(including insurance, bicycle, helmet, maintenance, escort car, guide, water)

3- Regulations :

- For your own security, you are obliged to wear a helmet and you will be escorted by professional guides during the ride so it's important to respect their instructions in order to prevent any accident. Riders who won't respect the instructions and who are public danger will be excluded from the ride !

- Participants under 18 are not allowed to ride unless they are accompanied by their parents or family member during the ride OR a signed paper by one of the parents permitting their children to participate.

- Every participant should have an ID

- This is NOT A RACE, it's a fun ride.

- Every rider is responsible of any physical injury he might be exposed to.

- Listening to music while riding is not recommended.

- Kindly refrain from smoking during the ride.

- Every rider has to assist the beginners during the ride and support them.

- We ride for fun, for environment preservation, for cycling promotion.

4- While riding:

- Keep some distance between each bicycle to avoid collision.

- Never use the front breaks alone. Always use both at the same time.

- Ride in a single line.

- Give warning to other riders in case you wanted to stop or reduce your speed by screaming or hand sign.

- Never brake suddenly.

- If a car wants to pass near you, reduce your speed, give space and don't panic.

- Don't pass on the right of a car.

5- Renting a bicycle:

- 50 bicycles and helmets are available at CycloSport - Gemayze

6- How to register :

- Via Whats app or calling the following number : 03 12 66 75
- Email address :
- Facebook message

8- To know that :


For further info, don't hesitate to call us, send us an email or facebook msg (reference in section number 6)

9- This event is :

- Supported by Beirut Municipality
- Covered by Commercial Insurance, our official and exclusive sponsor.

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