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Course In Wisdom is a life changing course that will set you up for success. Level up get hired, compete and meet an international community. Change your life and stop the “what if” and the “but”.

You will understand:

Destiny versus fate
How to overcome challenges
Purpose of creation
When to make decisions
How to make choices
How to overcome your reactive/ impulsive nature
How to create relationship with healthy boundaries

What can you put into practice?
Coaching techniques for yourself and others.
Practical daily tools to handle anxiety and stress
Healing modalities

What will you gain?

Tools that support better decision making processes
Earn additional money
Overcome anxiety and depression
Gain a new career path through the certificate.
Find community and an international support network.
Discover happiness.
Achieve your highest potential.
More meaning to life.
Richness of experience.
More fulfilment.
Less chaos. Better quality life. More control.

10 weeks weekly interactive workshop one to one private coaching and additional material such as podcasts and meditative practices cost $172 (for Lebanese residents pay at the rate you earn)

For more information +9613762233