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Crafts Of Tripoli Tour

Mira’s Guided Tours are ready to take you on another memorable visit of another kind in Tripoli.
This time we will dive into the world of craftsmen and artisans of Tripoli. We will be walking all through the old city discovering and meeting the oldest and still functioning local crafts in Tripoli.
My city has always been known for its artisanal sector, unfortunately many of the crafts are slowly fading away and dying. We will try through this tour to get to know the different remaining crafts, their stories, their techniques, their spaces and their challenges; then maybe with your interest and appreciation, we will be able to give the craftsmen some hope that their old tradition has the chance to still make it in this fast modern industrialized world.
On this day, we will encounter many kinds and shapes of olive oil soaps, colorful quilts, copper lamps, distillers and plates, wicker chairs, different wood and jewelry work and much more, and finally have a chat with my favorite artisan the oldest tailor in town ;)

It would be nice to take the craftsmen contacts in case you are interested to come back again with friends and family or to buy a little thing from their production; this way we encourage them to keep alive and continue with the priceless beautiful heritage they have inherited from their family or teachers.

Departure from Beirut:
Building with Dunkin Donuts shop facing Martyr’s Square, Downtown Beirut at 9 am (A bus will be waiting from 8:30 am)
Meeting point for people already in Tripoli: Awaida soap factory under Levantine Institute for Arabic at 11 am.
Tour starts around 11 am.
Return to Beirut: Afternoon around 4 pm

Price of the Guided Tour: 30 000 LL (20$)
Special Price for Tripolitan students: 20 000 LL
Bus: 15 000 LL (10$)
(Payment: the day of the trip)
This walking tour might not be a good fit for kids younger than 10 years old. The fees are the same for all ages. We strive to make our tours as relaxing and enjoyable as we can make it.

Places are limited therefore please register by filling this online form:
For further questions please email, or call +961 70 12 67 64

- Please bring cash money, as there are no possibilities for ATM stops on the way.
- Lunch is not included in the tour package and it would range between 5000LL to 7000LL.
- Cancellations without prior notice of 24 hours require payment of the full fee of the bus.

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