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Creative Industry Summit - Beirut Edition

Creative Industry Summit is heading to #Beirut on the 14th and 15th of November 2019.
With an incredible line up of speakers from Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Europe and USA
C—S / Beirut theme is #CreativityMatters where we will discuss all the latest trends, topics, share insights on award winning campaigns, celebrate artists and designers, as well as host the regions’ best creative leaders and the industry’s shapers and movers.

Featured Topics
•Measuring The True Business Impact of a Brand Campaign.
• Calligraphy, Street Art And Looking Into Culture on How It Incites Social Change Remaining.
• Neuroscience and Emotional Science.
• Challenges Facing The Commerce Sector In The Middle East.
• The Future of Online Food Delivery.
• Principals of Identity, Design and Brand Development in The Modern Day.
• How The Creative Industries Can Boost The Global Economy.
• Breakfast With The ECDs.
•Successful Women in The Creative Industries.
• Kindful Brands – The New Heart-set & Mindset Of Emotional Intelligent Companies in The 21st Century.
• Content Generation in a Fragmented Universe.