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Creative writing is not just putting pen to paper, it’s a lifestyle. We believe in taking conventional story rules and transforming them into tools that will (actually) help you express yourself in the way you want to and without hesitation. We guide, use fun and weird exercises and spark your imagination… and that’s when the pen will most certainly move!

CREATIVE WRITING I is the first step in FADE IN:’s creative track program and is open for anybody with a passion for storytelling and writing. No prior experience is necessary because at FADE IN: we make sure that if you want to tell your story, we help you write it.

During this 6-week course, you will get the storytelling and writing tools you need to develop your story in a way that helps you continue and grow as writers. The class is meant for everyone who wishes to write in the English language by using any creative-writing medium including: novels, novellas, short stories, even graphic novels… Creativity has no limits and by the end of the 6 sessions, all writers will have tapped into their inner creativity in order to begin a story with solid character, witty dialogue and an original voice.

The class with screenwriter and novelist, Jad El Khoury, will be taught in English and Arabic. French speakers, please call us to discuss language further. We would love to have you!

Goals for writers:
– Incorporate creativity into a their lifestyle
– Little or no experience in creative writing? No problem, you WILL tell an engaging story
– Battle creative block in any step of your process
– Critically read and analyze work
– Create great: characters, plot, dialogue and remain true to yourself and your story

After completing this course, writers will have the opportunity to move forward in the creative track and join Creative Writing II, where they will focus on completing a draft of one project, with feedback, writing deadlines and more and more tools!


starting 14 March until 18 April
Class from 10:30am – 1:00pm

starting 16 March until 20 April
Class from 6:00pm – 8:30pm

$250 / all 6 sessions
ask about our university student discount

Fill out the registration form and you will receive a confirmation within 48 hours.



Each session will focus on one element of storytelling and allows students to learn and practice the tools needed to tell an effective story. For more detailed info, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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The FADE IN: creative track program is the beginning of your creative lifestyle. It’s a track that will lead you to success in the world of writing with huge results for your creativity and your personal growth. Creative Writing I is the first step on the creative track and writers will have an opportunity to move forward and work on their projects in a creative-centered environment.