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  • Monday Mar 26 2018 until Friday Mar 30 2018 from 09:30 am until 06:00 pm
  • Harmony, Beirut, Hamra St, Estral Bld, 6th Floor
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Crystal Healing sessions with Nevine Salem

Available only between 26 & 30 March – by appointment.

Crystal Healing sessions for Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.
A crystal healing session is recommended for anyone feeling they need rebalancing.

The benefits of these sessions are:
* Balance your energy centers (chakras) and clear your aura
* Reduce stress and anxiety
* Faciliate the removal of emotional and mental blockages in the body.
* Assist your body with its own self-healing mechanisms
* Deeply relaxing in a way that assists you positively to reach clear thinking, decision -making and problem solving.
* Provide overall feeling of well-being.

The only thing we will ask you for is to remove your shoes to be comfortable during the session... So, What are you waiting for?

Call us to reserve "A crystal healing session" Now!

Available only between 26 & 30 March - anytime from 9:30am till 6pm

Price: $80
Call to reserve Now. Places are very limited!

About Nevine Salem:
Nevine is a certified Crystal Master Teacher from Philip Permutt organization in UK, the Crystal Healer - - She is also certified in many other healing modalities.

►For reservation or more information, please contact:
Harmony center, Hamra Street, Estral Building,
T: 01 755667 or 03 938554
Email: -