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Da Vinci Machines Exhibition in Lebanon 2012 - An Exhibition of Genius

The international Da Vinci Machines Exhibition - The Original Machines Exhibition

Interactive and Working Machines Brought to Life as Leonardo Intended, presented by World Acclaimed NICCOLAI - TEKNOART, Florence together with the museum of Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence - Italy displays more than 60 interactive machines from Da Vinci Original Drawings, 15 High Quality Reproduction Artworks, Giant Art Panels and Rare Copies of Leonardo Codices.

More than 60 machines rebuilt by Italian craftsmen who have relied on Leonardo's drawings and designs using the same material available at the time.

The machines are grouped into galleries:
Transportation, War, Mechanics and Entertainment Devices, including animated films and drawings relating Leonardo’s ideas of mechanics to modern applications.
Some machines are interactive, which enables students to run the machines to find out how they were meant to work.

And more, the exhibition features 15 reproductions of high quality (thanks to the artistic contributions), including detailed related discussions, giant art panels and rare copies of Leonardo da Vinci Codices.

The Exhibition is presented and displayed in five themes:
Theme 1 - War Machines
Theme 2 - Flying Machines
Theme 3 - Nautical & Hydraulic
Theme 4 - Principles of Mechanics
Theme 5 - Artwork (Reproductions)

Tickets are available at Platea entrance door.
Tickets Prices:
- Children (under 6 y.o.): Free Entrance
- Students (with School ID): 15 000 LBP
- Adults: 20 000 LBP
- Groups (25 persons and more): 10 000 LBP / person
- Family Pack (2 adults, 2 children): 60 000 LBP

For more information contact: 03-906 903

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