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Data Science & Big Data - Post Graduate Diplomas

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Post Graduate Diplomas
It has become harder to stand out from the crowd with a BA alone! In a world of degree inflation, specialized postgrad qualifications/programs are apt to enrich your CVs, and act as desirable bonus in a frigid work climate, for students, employees and employers, giving reassurance to these employers who are concerned about their workplace suitability.
These programs are designed to offer specialized knowledge that is at the master's level but less extensive than a post-graduate diploma or master's degree. Grab the chance, and add value to your achievements!
Data Science & Big Data: The low cost of data storage brings companies to store tremendous amounts of structured and unstructured data by tracking all possible events and activities made. Data Science & Big Data program will cover all tools and techniques to extract all hidden information through a complete data handling solutions and methods. The program starts from fundamentals in data collection, storage and operation solution, analysis tools, machine learning and data mining techniques, programming languages, and ends up with reports possibilities by using latest technologies, specifically when it comes to Big Data matters.

Teaching Diploma: The Teaching Diploma degree issued by the CLD/AUST in the fields of business administration, economics, arts, mathematics, science, literature, computer science and social sciences is recognized by the Lebanese government as equivalent to the License D’Ensiegnement, provided that this diploma is based upon a Bachelor’s Degree in the same specialization, and that the 21 credit hours required for this diploma are completed in a period of one year or more.
The Teaching Diploma provides teachers with the opportunity to further their professional careers. It is a necessary and required vehicle for the improvement of teaching and pedagogical skills. Holders of the Teaching Diploma have a definite advantage in the educational market force.

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