Daydreams Pop Up Show at Arthaus Hotel Beirut - Artists of Beirut

The Pop up Show will reveal the exclusive thematic collection prepared by the 3rd selection of Artists and Artisans around the theme of ‘DAYDREAMS’.

The Season three Program groups 12 emergent and confirmed Artists and Artisans in addition to the Show Guest: the Sculptor Randa Nehme who will be presenting a selection of her Art pieces.

The Pop up show eclectic collection will feature more than 60 Dreamy Artworks made of various artistic techniques: Painting, Sculpture, Mixed media, Collage, Photo, Ceramics, and Upcycling art (Polyart, fabric and paper mache).

The Show will also feature cultural and artistic animations:
*A Sculpture workshop with the show guest the Artist and Sculptor Randa Nehme on June 25th at 11.30 AM. *A thematic conversation with the Artists around the theme of ‘Daydreaming in Beirut” animated by the Art Historian and Cultural mediator Joelle Hajjar on June 28th at 11.30 AM. *A Photo Workshop animated by the Artist photographer of the selection Nada Karam on June 30th at 10 AM.

Finally and as per Artists of Beirut Mission, the Show will be providing support to Beirut restoration with part of proceeds going this season to “Rebirth Beirut” NGO bringing back light and safety to the city.

For more info contact 71 907 160

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