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Design Your Life - Time Management & Goal Setting Workshop


The Essential Hacks for goal setting and time management.


The TIME MANAGEMENT & GOAL SETTING seminar by PERSED is a series of 3 workshops that help you design the life that you want. Design is a keyword. Each event brings to the table the finest studies, tools, strategies and frameworks, but what the seminar does best is that it creates an environment for you to experiment and find the methods that work for you.


1. Hacking Time, featuring strategies and tools for better time management (3 hours).

You will learn and immediately test some of the best ways to reconcile yourself with time. The testing will help you retain the most impactful strategies for you. You will then be able to immediately put them in application across your personal, academic and professional lives.

2. Creating A Vision, featuring applied frameworks for effective goal setting (3 hours).

With the help of tools designed by PERSED in application of principles of renowned concepts for life and career excellence, you will be able to design your personal mission statement and build your own framework for goal achievement.

3. Paving The Way, featuring hacks for continuous improvement (3 hours).

Based on proven strategies for increased productivity, you will create a system that works for you and that will help you get more done. These hacks invest in precision, speed, consistency and/or drive to lead improvement.


This series of workshops is not a replicate of success myths.

It is not a collage of information. Knowledge can be found all over the Internet. In fact, we share tips for personal growth for free on our website and blog through our weekly newsletter.

But this seminar is about building a system that works for you.

It creates a space for you...

to tap into the collective wisdom of thought leaders
to experiment with tools and strategies
to receive guidance and support
to focus on designing a better life

At the end of the 3 workshops, you will have:

a self-knowledge map you can use and re-use for life
a personal agenda of strategies to implement that are meaningful and impactful for you
a personal mission statement
a framework for your goals
a guidebook to test the quality of your objectives
a certificate of attendance (for those who attend the 3 workshops)


Alexandra Kodjabachi, founder of PERSED, will be facilitating this workshop.

She is a multidisciplinary professional with a record of achievements across fields.

She designed her own education, seeking world-class knowledge in design thinking, innovation, leadership, communication, negotiation, debate and more, involving Deloitte London, the HPI School of Design Thinking in Potsdam or the Konrad Adenauer Foundation as primary sources.
She's been to Singapore, Spain, Germany, Malta and Tunisia to refine and share her knowledge, participating in conferences and speaking at seminars.
In 2017, she represented Lebanon as Young Global Changer at the Think 20 Global Solutions Summit held in Berlin and mandated by the G20 German Presidency.
She was invited to the UNLEASH Innovation Lab 2018 as a Global Talent and expert in Education (SDG4).
She is also an award winning and published author (one of the laureates of the Alain Decaux Prize for the Francophonie) and a national Ballroom dance competitor in the Lebanese Dance Sport Federation.


The dreamers, the doers, the ones who are challenged by time, the ones who challenge time and those who want to go a step further in their academic, personal or professional life.


1. Your time: 3 hours of your time for each workshop

2. And a few bucks:

SINGLE PASS: unique access to 1 workshop at 23 USD
FULL PASS with 15% discount: access to all 3 workshops at 58 USD
SPECIAL TEAM PASS with 57% discount: access to teams of up to 5 people to all 3 workshops at an exceptional price of 147 USD


-Can I attend only 1 workshop?

Each workshop can be taken independently. However, there is more to benefit from by going through the flow of the 3 workshops as they guide you through the process.

-I am interested but I cannot attend the workshop on these dates/times. What can I do?

First of all, we respect you for wanting to set goals and achieve them. To thank you, we invite you to subscribe to our free newsletter to benefit from key insights and inspiration to boost your growth. Simply subscribe here. You will also be notified of upcoming workshops organized by PERSED!

-I love the idea. Can I host your workshop at my institution/organization?

We love that you love goals and value time. You can contact us any time on for your requests.

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