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Designing Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is needed before starting a new project, developing a new

product or service, establishing a new business, or upgrading and modifying

existing businesses. The feasibility study is needed to analyze and evaluate a

proposed project to determine if it is technically feasible, if it is feasible within

the estimated cost, and if it will be profitable. This training course will take you

through the journey of developing a feasibility study which is sometimes handled

as a project in itself.

Through the trainer’s expertise and practical knowledge, you will be able to define

the key concepts associated with feasibility studies and you will be able to:

• Prepare and analyze feasibility studies.

• Identify crucial arguments and effectively explore the various assumptions.

• Present ideas in a simple, effective, convincing and objective manner.

• Build the feasibility study financial model using Microsoft Excel.

• Perform scenario and sensitivity analysis to improve plans and projections.

• Analyze someone else’s feasibility study and find its merits and shortcomings.

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