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Developing Emotional Insight (2.5 hour Workshop)
"To be a positive influence on ourselves and others"

The Missing “X factor” of Positive Influence

Do you want to transform your level of influence?
How ready are you to delve into your emotions to do that?
What steps are you willing to take to make it happen?

Some of us have tools in our hands on what to do to balance stress and on how to influence others and ourselves first. We cope, whether through our experiences, knowledge that we have accumulated through life, books, videos, workshops, our career history, family, children, friends.

Except we fall short. There is something missing an “X factor”, and the fundamental building block to enable our flow and become skilled to flow with ease in our emotions and thought patterns, which influence our actions and behaviors determining how we influence others.

That something missing is “Insight”. A look within into what is happening inside us and inside others. The one factor that convinces us to move ahead and apply our learned principles – and perhaps daringly enough – perceive them differently, is sometimes to flow in another direction.

This X factor into ourselves and into the selves of others is comprised of emotions. This workshop will take you on a journey to understand what is the hindsight of Emotional Intelligence. You will not only see, but experience, hands on and reflect on ways moving forward by the end of it.

Developing emotional insight is your first step to awareness to enable consistent results and being content with being in the flow or process, whichever way you may choose to look at it.

Workshop Benefits:
1. Understand what Emotional Insight is all about
2. Scientifically Understand Emotions
3. Identify Your Emotional Triggers
4. Manage Your Patterns
5. Reflections & Tips for Learning how to Respond rather than React
6. Learning to Influence & Inspire Others Positively

Join us on this emotionally insightful journey into influencing yourself and others positively!

WHEN: Thursday, May 19th
TIME: 6:30pm-9:00pm
WHERE: LifeInspired, Zalka-Beirut (map below)
Facilitator: Maya Barghout, EQ Certified Trainer
Your Investment: $75
*Pre-registration is a MUST!
***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Pay by Friday, May 13th and you avail of this workshop for only $65! ***
You may pass by LifeInspired or send the payment via Western Union (call us for beneficiary name).
For reservation + info: 70126053

About Maya Barghout:

Recognized as an inspirational and transformational people developer specialized in Emotional Intelligence, Maya succeeds in driving human development forward. She adopts an internationally recognized emotional intelligent methodology into coaching, training design & delivery. Passionately embedding emotional intelligence into her trainings, Maya insightfully helps individuals and organizations succeed through developing their potential. Using experiential learning and coaching in her training style, Maya’s certifications are both from the US and the UK.

To know more about Emotional Intellignce (EI), contact Maya here:
M: 03-140011

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