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As the world undergoes major shifts in digital transformation within the public and private sectors, Lebanon is getting ready to adopt and implement a new plan to develop its digital economy by attracting new investments in infrastructure, networks, applications and emerging projects and creating a digital environment conducive to growth.

The Digital Lebanon Conference will convene on September 13, 2019, at Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. It aims to bring the brightest minds to discuss the institutional bases for building the future of Lebanon’s economy… the digital economy. It will discuss Lebanon’s digital strategy and the most pressing topics that will help the government bridge the technology and knowledge gaps in a world driven by new technologies that are radically creating new approaches that revolutionize the way in which nations, societies, and businesses engage and collaborate.

The conference will provide a platform for start-ups to meet Venture Capitals and investors, giving them the chance to possibly bring their ideas to action or further expand by getting the needed funds from interested investors.

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