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Digital Marketing A-Z Training

This full Digital Marketing training program covers an overview of Digital Marketing, Social Media strategy & advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube), SEO essentials, Google AdWords, Email Marketing, digital tips & tools, Blogging, and an overview of Inbound Marketing and Google Analytics.

This 2 full days training program offers a deep understanding of the key elements of building successful Digital Marketing campaigns using the appropriate social media and digital channels, strategies and tools. The course also highlights different case studies and introduces the core techniques in digital marketing, helping all the participants to apply the best digital practices in their own strategies.

Topics to be covered:

Include the Social channels in the business strategy

Facebook Business Pages | Marketing & Ads | Tips & Tools
LinkedIn Company Pages | Content & Ads Strategy
Instagram | Content & Ads Strategy | Tips & Tools
Twitter for Business | Twitter Tools
YouTube for Business
Google+ for Business
Digital Strategy Highlights

Social Media Management | Software and Tools
Photo & Video Strategies
Going viral with Social Media
Custom Audiences | Lookalike Audience
Lead Generation Strategies
Choose the right campaign objective
Blogging Importance

Blogs and Websites
Blog Optimization & Impact on the Social channels
Blogging with Engaging Content
Email Marketing

Create Newsletter templates using MailChimp
Setup & Send a newsletter
Target the database on the social media channels
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Types: Organic, Local and Paid search
How Search Engines Work
An understanding of Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Algorithms
Keyword Research
- Strategy
- Tips & Tools
Content Development using the Keyword strategy
How to Make a Google-friendly content
- Site Structure
- META Description & META Keywords
- Headings & Sub-Heading
- Domain Name & URL Structure
- Website Navigation & Internal Links
Localized SEO
Inbound Links
- Strategy & Tips
- Local Listings
- Social Sharing
SEO & Blogging
Google AdWords & Google Analytics:

Set up a Google AdWords Campaign
Content Structuring
Understanding Quality Score
Ads and Ad Groups
Organizing Ad Groups
Creating Effective Ads
Bid Management
Negative Keywords
Getting started with Google Analytics
Understanding the Dashboard – Audience | Traffic Source | Customer Behavior | Content | Conversion
Integrating Google AdWords campaigns into Google Analytics
After completing this training program, you will be able to:

Create a professional social media and digital marketing strategy.
Maintain an effective digital presence on the social platforms.
Develop digital marketing campaigns followed by a consistent monitoring and analysis.
Manage the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns.
Develop effective social media ads.
Create Google AdWords campaigns (Text, Display, Video).
Do the analytics needed to maintain a good and professional digital presence.
At the end of the program you will benefit from the following materials:

Top scheduling social media and digital tools
Free stock photos websites
Viral Marketing case studies
Successful Social Media campaigns
Social Media Ads e-books
Google Adwords supportive materials
Content creation materials & tools
Useful online tools & templates
SEO keyword research & structure

Location: Intoact Offices, 7th Floor, Le Mall Dbayeh Building, Dbayeh Highway

Early Bird Price: $550.00
Regular Fees: $650.00*
*Special prices for groups
*The fees above include the coffee breaks and lunch

About the Trainer:

Elie Sarkis, Co-Founder of Intoact, is an Inbound Marketing & Google Certified professional with more than 7 years of experience in Communications & Digital Marketing. Mr. Sarkis, a TV Presenter and a dedicated entrepreneur with a Masters in International Commercial Negotiations, is currently heading the Digital Marketing department at Samsung CTC | AC Holding in Lebanon. His passion for communications and the digital world - along with his profound admiration of infinite evolution - shaped the basic building blocks to founding Intoact with the aim of incorporating a constructive change in his community.