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Digital Social Media & Expert Analytics Masterclass

Marketing accountability, measurement and ROI has always been key topics for marketers. Digital Metrics and Analytics properly done will help marketers focus their spending on the areas of greater return. Good metrics will enable them to move from “blind” metrics to becoming more intelligent about acquisition, retention and value. This workshop will help you sift through all the information available about social media monitoring and metrics so that you can know what's being said and measure the effectiveness of your social media effort

Upon successful completion of this unit, delegates will be able to:

• Learn intermediate and advanced social media marketing strategies

• Assess a range of digital marketing research methodologies and techniques and their suitability for improving marketing performance against objectives.
• Identify appropriate KPIs, reports, and tools to review and improve digital marketing effectiveness in large, medium and small sized enterprises.
• Create an effective social media marketing strategy
• Many ways to promote your business using social media marketing
• Promote your business on Facebook Twitter and YouTube
• Combine SEO and social media for double the effect
• Learn about the power of building your own large social media marketing channels
• Learn about combining blogging and social media


• Enhancing your ability to manage, make informed and wise decisions, and grow your business based on analytics.
• Discussing the ins and outs of measurement
• Providing sources used to develop the metrics definitions.
• Being able to judge if a metric is appropriate or not, and knowing what additional data to look for.
• Presenting the metrics through each of different interests, and being able to look them up in a way that most closely matches your needs or preferences.
• Learn how to combine SEO and social media for double the effect
• Learn about the power of building your own large social media marketing channels
• Learn about combining blogging and social media metrics
• Understand Online Marketing and Branding
• Getting Social Media Done Apply social marketing to your own context – examining consumer behavior, social marketing planning, situational and stakeholder analysis, segmentation and targeting, research, marketing mix, relationship marketing and evaluation.
• Apply marketing tools and techniques, e.g. market segmentation and targeting; marketing mix frameworks; relationship marketing approaches to a range of social issues and organizational contexts.
• Reviewing the role and effectiveness of your Implementing Basic Search Engine Optimization techniques
• Implement your mobile campaigns and promote mobile creative
• Test, measure and optimize your mobile campaigns
• Understand the latest regulation and best practice in the mobile channel
• Learning about good content creation
• Understand Social CRM – internal social media, community building, and management
• Get personal help from the instructor if you have specific questions
• Amplify your SEO efforts with social media sharing
• Learn how to increase social sharing of your product
• Save money because you won't have to hire marketing consultants or agencies
• Learn how to brand yourself using social media

What is the target audience?

• Investors and Entrepreneurs who need to assess metrics B2B and or B2C
• People who are starting out in marketing, or learning how to promote things
• Social media marketing enthusiasts Analysts and Forecasters

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