This event has passed.

Ashrafieh 2020 invites all Lebanese and residents to DISCOVER Rmeil (Rmeil/Geitawi) on foot, on bicycle, or on roller/skateboard on November 4, 2012 from 8am up to 6pm.

The car-free perimeter will be defined and posted on at least 10 days prior to D day.

So come over and participate to the many activities (running races, cycling races, yoga, zumba, rollers/skateboard), taste the manakish and home-made food of Souk el Tayeb, listen to music, expose your paintings, photos and art objects or your oldies, visit the green quarter, play backgammon, let your children take part to the special activities within Rmeil's public garden, …..

… and above all: smile all day long!

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