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Hello everyone!

We will be organizing a trip to Chouf,Mount Lebanon this Saturday and every Saturday to discover the wonders of the Lebanese countryside!

Tour will include :
° An Authentic Lebanese Breakfast over-viewing the reserve 🌲
° A hike in Lebanon's largest biosphere reserve enjoying the Cedar forests and the beautiful surroundings!
° A visit to Biet Eddine's 19th century palace which is one of Lebanon’s greatest cultural treasures with its elaborate architecture, historic mosaics, and priceless decorations.
° A visit to Dier el Qamar ,the historical capital of Mount Lebanon restored and maintained in centuries-old style, preserving feudal architecture, old stepped streets, and walled gardens.
° A traditional Lebanese barbecue lunch by the river to crown a great day!

Fees will be $50 and cover the following :
- Transportation from Beirut to Chouf and back.
- Breakfast
- Entrance to Chouf Reserve
- Entrance to Biet Eddine's palace
- Guided Tour
- Lunch
- Refreshments

N.B: Pickup point will be from Mar Mikhael - Beirut.

For more information please contact
Adham Nasr

This event is on facebook