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Dynamic Gymnastic for Newborn

DG for healthy babies is a method of body strengthening, a solid term-long health. Few of its influences on physical health are: breath control and its strengthen (all healing alternative methods are based on a correct breathing. Infants cannot control their breathing, so DG helps.), saturating all body inclusively the brain with oxygen; improves digestive system, reduces belly pain (colic) to minimum, improves baby’s sleep, normalizes hyper – hypo tonicity, improves movement coordination, cerebral circulation, trains abdominal muscles, prevents hernia, trains back muscles (good foundation for a straight strong spine in the future), have an effect on adrenal gland (thus stimulation the immune system), improve vestibular apparatus (space orientation), strengthen joints, tendons, cardiovascular system.
DG has several non-physical aspects. It is an amazing method of parenting attachment. It directly affects intellectual development and creativity, child get to be confident in the surrounding world, growing into a self confident person.
DG is highly recommended to babies born through C-Section. DC compensates that lack of physical stress (very necessary for a healthy emotional and physical development of the baby) that a naturally born baby gets once passing through vaginal canal. In such babies DG activates one of the most important instincts – the survival instinct, it helps in fast adaptation.
For babies that during birth got a certain dose of drugs, DG helps them awaken faster in the first days.
From medical point of view, DG adjusts a number of abnormalities:
Asymmetry, clubfoot, curved neck, activates peristalsis, helps constipation and flatulence. DG is partial or total solution for cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries.

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