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A workshop that covers the basics of how the human body works in reality. What other factors affect weight/size other than food? What are the myths and realities and the reasons we feel the need and desire to eat.

In the workshop the following points will be covered. (With extra time for Q&A).

• Basics of the human body
• What other factors affect weight and size other than food
• What are the myths and realities?
• What the ‘experts’ know/ don’t know and say/don’t say
• The reasons we feel the need to eat
• Personal journey of the trainer

Join this workshop at Saifi Suites hotel on December 16th from 6:30 till 9:00pm and discover your personal story.
Costs: $75

Trainer profile: Ara Alain Arzoumanian

The quest for health, balance and harmony took him from martial arts to yoga and to all manner of alternative and energy healing arts, utilizing both eastern and western wisdom and knowledge. “Each individual is endowed with the original divine spark,” he insists, “the only difference being the degree with which each is willing to rekindle that inner spark.”

He continues his writing, trains business executives, conducts seminars and workshops, educational tours for teens and students, life coaching, as well as cooking and making his own chocolate. “The secret remains in the attitude with which one

undertakes the great learning adventure of life,” he says. “Impossible does not exist, anything can be realized so just go ahead and do it instead of trying!”

He has conducted seminars and workshops for: Sonatrach (Algeria), TACC (Tunisian American Chamber of Commerce), Staffing Innovation (USA), BNEC (Bureau National de l’Emploi des Cadres), British Gas, CEPEX (Centre de Promotion d’Exportations Tunisie), IML (Institut Mondial de Leadership), MSB (Mediterranean School of Business), ENDA Inter-Arabe, Carthage Power Company, and many others including personal trainings and coachings.

Tel: 01-584234