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Art Circle gallery cordially invites you to


Opening reception on
Thursday February 20 starting 7 pm
In the presence of the artist

The exhibition runs until March 29, 2014

Open from tuesday to friday 11h am to 7 pm, saturday 11h am to 3h pm.
sunday & monday closed

• • •

Anas Homsi comes again, and as afore, his paintings are tumultuous & intense; his brush invades the canvases of massive, strong strokes. Bunched up on the surface of his paintings, the warm colors and impressive hues make you sense the effect of his emotions upon his soul. The faces depicted disappear at times behind heavy impasto that appear as if hiding secrets away.

In his exhibition “Effect”; colors and lines depict a circular movement at times, and can become lost or direct at instances. While the multitudes of layers emanate color and radiate a deliciously warm effect. Many objects reminiscent of one’s childhood are ever-present on the surfaces. Anas Homsi paints freely and quits his territory tremulously, leaving behind works that, strike, fascinate, and seize us from within.

Born in Syria in 1987, Anas Homsi graduated from the faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. His vibrant canvases burst with energy and his colorful palette and gestural brush strokes allow him to create a style of his own. The seemingly human shapes that characterize his paintings come to life and convey subtle emotions. He participated in several collective exhibitions as well as workshops. Anas Homsi is a member of the Syrian Plastic Artists’ Union. This is Homsi's second solo show at Art Circle.

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