This event has passed.

Ehdeniyat has became more than a festival, it is an experience that combines all kinds of tourism: sports, arts, culture, food, music, all by discovering mythical Ehden.
April welcomes Ehdeniyat Spring in its second edition, from April 1 till April 8, with an exciting varied program:
- Sunday 1st: « Ehdeniyat Spring Open Air Party » at Midan Square-Ehden, starting 9pm, with the collaboration of EhdenSpirit, Stoli lebanon and the federation of municipalities in Zgharta-Ehden.
- Saturday & Sunday 7th/8th: « Ball Point Exhibition with Samia Dagher », Saturday 4pm/8pm, Sunday 12pm/6pm, at Al Koubra-Ehden.
- « Fine Arts and Sketches Portrait with Sandy Rahal », Saturday 4pm/8pm, Sunday 12pm/6pm, at Al Koubra- Ehden.
- "Souk el Akel", Saturday 4pm/12pm, Sunday 12pm/12am, at Al Koubra-Ehden.
- « Crazy Club Kids Events », Saturday 4pm/8:30pm, Sunday 12pm/6:30pm, at al Koubra-Ehden. With many entertainments show such as arts and crafts, animation, live show, recycling workshop, science show and many more.
- « Temporary Inked tattoo Stand » for all ages, Saturday 4pm/8pm, Sunday 12pm/8pm.
The spiritual experience can also be lived in full as Ehden has always been distinguished in its 26 historical churches, such as Mar Mema, the oldest in the ME (749). They are all open to visit in that Glorious Easter.

For More Info: Facebook, Instagram: Ehdeniyat