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"Emotional Liberation workshop" & a Free conference with Jean Chaar & Mira Bodson Chaar

Jean Chaar invites you to his free conference tuesday at 7h about
Rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal, injustice : The 5 keys.
We pass through all of the five sufferings at different degrees during our childhood. This marks our personality but also our body. Our body, temple of our experiences, carries also the traces of our deeepest aspirations. All the signals of the body are visible and perceptible, no matter how much effort a person puts to mask them or cover up.
What if we discover that behind our communication lie those unconscious signs of our deep suffering?
What if the observation of our traits and those of others gradually allowed us to be non-judgmental of others and of ourselves?
What if this knowledge allows us to mutually acknowledge and honor our individual traits and even our imperfections as the source of our richness ?
And what if, in the same differences that separate us, we found the complementarity and the acceptance for a better communication?

And Wednesday we have a workshop ( registration is required ) BY MIRA BODSON CHAAR ”Chant libre” .
Emotional liberation of the five sufferings: Mira invites you to drop the masks, free the emotional charge that keeps you in denial from who you are, and put your foot on track, towards your unique life..

for more info about wednesday registartions and Timing contact me please at 03-720 841

PRVATE SESSIONS WITH JEAN OR MIRA: wednesday 9th all day , and thursday 10th am , PLEASE CALL IN ADVANCE TO BOOK.

love to you :)

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