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Exciting program to empower you this month at Harmony!

- Offer of the month of August:
Energy and Chakra healing and balancing private sessions: $25 instead of $55!
Expires on 29 August, gift vouchers are available to buy for your friends.

-11 August: 10am – 1pm:
We know a lot about diseases, but we do not know about health .We learn how to treat heart, liver, lungs, but we do not learn how to save our health. Prevent diseases is better than to treat them!
Welcome to the Whole Body cleansing therapy! This Saturday! At 10 am.
Get your life back and feel young again! Do not wait, come and learn how to rejuvenate. Alternative approach to the health, beauty and longevity.Improve your health, prevent future illness and look younger with the whole Body cleansing. Cleansing body-cleansing your negative emotions and negative thoughts!

18 August: Natural Beauty care and Facial yoga Workshop (9:45am – 1pm).
Learn exercises and techniques and natural ways for anti aging and skin care with Tatiana Hariri (from Russia).
Vision: To teach women not only how to make themselves beautiful, but how to achieve beauty
through inner balance. To teach women the philosophy of natural beauty through inner health.
Course can also be given second time on Tuesday 28 at 10:30am – 1:30pm depending on number of participants.

Tatyana Hariri from Russia, certified Holistic healer, natural medicine, food healing, colon hydrotherapy, massage, yoga, Natural beauty therapist, medical face massage, and more.
Private sessions are also available by appointment during her stay in Lebanon.

$70 (for each course) - Discount: $10 discount each if you are two persons paying together, or if you book for the two courses. This workshop is also very important for people who are fasting. Places are limited, please book in advance.

- Saturday 18 August 1:30-2:30pm: Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation and healing session: Come and experience the healing power of sound through the ancient meditative technique of Tibetan Singing Bowl. Handmade with the utmost precision by combining a number of pure metal alloys, Tibetan singing bowls are also used for stress reduction, holistic healing, chakra balancing, and even in world music. Singing Bowls will be provided for each person to be used during the session (the two sessions won't be alike)
One-on-one private sessions are also available on Saturday by appointment.
* High quality Tibetan Singing Bowls, handpicked by experts from the Himalayas, are now available in various sizes and in exquisite designs in Lebanon - exclusively at Harmony Center.
Group session fees: $20- Places are limited, please book in advance.

- Sat 25 August: Soul Art Workshop, first time in Lebanon, with Abeer Ayash (10am – 1pm). Places are limited to 10 people only, kids 10 years and over can attend.

- Parapsychology course in Arabic (private sessions also available)

Free introduction: 23 August (6:30-8 pm)

Private Sessions: 24 & 27 August (by appointment)

Parapsychology course: 25 August (3 - 8pm)

Please reserve in advance

برنامج الباراسايكولوجي في بيروت باللغة العربية: مع خبير الباراسايكولوجي العراقي Laith Muhammad

مقدمة مجانية : 23 آب (6:30- 8 مساء)
محاضرة بعنوان (مفهوم الباراسايكولوجي وعلاقته بالعلوم الأخرى) , من ضمنها الأسئلة حول الموضوع.

جلسات خاصة: 24 و 27 آب (باخذ الموعد)
شخيص المتغيرات النفسية والروحية وطرق الحل والتقويم:

المحاضرة: 25 آب (3 – 8 مساء)
تطبيق التمارين النفسية والباراسايكولوجية وأقامة تجارب بين الحضور حول مدى نسبة أمتلاكهم لهذه القدرات الأدراك الفوق الحسي من خلال تطبيق تشخيص المتغيرات النفسية والروحية وطرق الحل والتقويمز .

- Art of living course to improve your health and release stress, from Tuesday August 28th till Friday August 31st (6-10pm) Cost: $140 if paid in advance $120

Reflexology sessions with Turid Tarabay Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays by appointments.

Pilates sessions on Mondays 6:15 pm.

Evening Yoga sessions on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm

In addition to our other private sessions, mental empowerment, energy healing, and more see the website.

Please contact us for more info and to reserve in advance

Harmony - Estral bld. Hamra st, Beirut, Lebanon -
Phone: 01-755667 - 03-938554 -

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