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English Conversation Morning Classes

Benefit in April and May from the Spring promotion of the morning English conversation classes!

Do you:

Have trouble expressing yourself clearly in English?
Keep quiet out of fear of making a mistake in English?
Wish to expand your English?
Want to perfect your English?
At Skillz we have created English conversation classes in which you will learn to communicate accurately and fluently. You will learn, through a variety of discussions, to express yourself perfectly. You will become more confident when speaking English.
These conversation classes are especially suited for students with a French background who feel shy to express themselves in English and for students who are already fluent but wish to perfect their use of English.

Our small classes are ideally suited to fit individual students' needs, together with the teacher you will find topics of discussion that interests you. Grammar will be covered and learned through the conversations you have in class. Together with the other students you will face all the difficulties you have speaking English. For those of you who are already fluent, you will acquire new vocabluary and gain confidence while speaking English.


Mondays and Wednesdays
We have new courses starting 23 April!

The English Conversation class is an 8 week course making 32 hours of English classes.

Phone: (+961) 1 584234