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Book now to enjoy an hour of mind blowing clues, riddles, puzzles and great fun!

ESCAPE GAMES BEIRUT is an interactive live brain teaser adventure; it is the new smart fun activity!
You and your team (2 to 5 persons) are locked inside a REAL ROOM.

You have to use your detective skills and deductive reasoning to unravel the mysteries, discover clues and solve puzzles so you can find the key to the door and escape before you run out of time!

We promise you an unforgettable and unique experience in any of our 6 different games!

Game Time:
60 min: Medieval Quest, Disappeared, Mad Scientist, The Hangover, Crazy Chef
70 min: Bomb Squad

Level of difficulty:
Advanced: Medieval Quest, Disappeared, Bomb Squad, Mad Scientist
Intermediate: The Hangover, Crazy Chef

Prices per person:
Team of 5: 20$
Team of 4: 25$
Team of 3: 30$
Team of 2: 35$

Minimum age required is 16. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to enjoy the game to its fullest.

For booking or for more information on the concept, the games and the team building activity please check our website
or call us on +961 76 333587

See you there!