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EXIT Beirut

There is nothing more intriguing than exploring something that will surprise you!

Challenge your mind and enjoy exploring 2 of the hardest rooms to escape till now! created for you by 3 young Lebanese who have a love for strategy and enigma, and when tested no one could escape.

Its easy! all you need to do is gather 4-5 friends, book your slot online or by calling and expect to have the experience of your life.

We have 2 rooms which you can choose from to explore, you will be given 60 min, locked down in a room which you need to explore, find clues, solve puzzles, unlock locks and solve the mystery in order to open the door and escape the room.

You can come with friends, family and even decide to create a great team building exercise for the company you work for.

14:30 (weekends Only)
16:00 (weekends Only)

Team of 3 - 30$/player
Team of 4 - 25$/player
Team of 5 - 20$/player

Our Concepts..

Granny's Room:
It is your prom night, crazy as that night normally is, Granny forgot where she had put the key to the house and you are stuck inside! if you are to catch your date you have to try and get out!

In the Club: (Coming Soon)
You are enjoying a night out with friends in the club, and you suddenly smell something. There has been a Gaz leakage and you are going frantic. find the exit door and open it to get out...Hurry!

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