This event has passed.

The ESIB Rally Paper is the number one rally paper in Lebanon. It is one of the most challenging and entertaining university events, testing the participants' knowledge and skills.
The 31st edition of the Rally Paper will take place on the 4th and 5th of May, preceded by a briefing on the 30th of April at ESIB campus. The briefing will be followed by the teams' registrations.
The circuit covers more than 1000 km, reaching most of the Lebanese regions, composed of multiple checkpoints and challenges. And in their bases, the teams will be receiving multiple questions covering a wide range of subjects (logical quizzes, cultural questions, music, movies, Grand Enigma, online challenges...) and a treasure hunt where the participants must provide objects usually hard to find.
On Saturday night, a big event will take place where the teams will have to complete a challenge.
And on Sunday night, the last challenge will take place followed by the prizes distribution party that concludes the Rally Paper; all participants are invited to attend.

For more info contact us on: 76/871 256