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Events Planning & Public Relations
This workshop will cover a glimpse on all the PR strategies and tools needed for start ups or any company related to different fields. It will go through the whole scope of the events business and PR in terms of corporates, weddings, product launching and boutiques opening and media strategies

Price 600$

5 Wednesays as of May 4th from 6-8:30pm

Maria Boustany
Since 2009 Maria is the PR MANAGER OF CHATEAU RWEISS. She supervised hundreds of elite weddings and corporate events all through the years with the most important clients and VIPS. She is behind the successful & niche PR plan Chateau Rweiss follows. Maria has a degree in PR and a Master Degree in International Affairs & Diplomacy from NDU. Her expertise around the most magnificent weddings held at that venue and her one on one work with all the events planning industry along with her passion for it, granted Maria a humongous knowledge in the field.

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