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Exhibition I Petram ; "Decay of Lying"

Welcome to the post-factual age. A time when both politics and government have abandoned any allegiance they once had with policies and positions supported by facts, for a free-for-all of misleading images and ingenuous values that cloak an ugly truth. Today, politics have forsaken reason and have become a game of perception. Facts have become irrelevant to those who mislead the public, inciting them to accept an ideology of a select few who stand to benefit from the constant barrage of lies and subterfuge that are systematically robbing us of our country. In this day and age, details and facts have been relegated to the back row. Perception is everything.

The body of work was inspired by extracts from "The Decay of Lying; A Protest" essays by Oscar Wilde. In the aforementioned essays, Wilde addresses art and politics. He states that; the deceptive nature of art is at the essence of making beautiful things.

In this body of work the artist utilizes how we perceive paintings; exaggerating their deceptive quality, with the use of subtraction and photomontage of everyday objects, imagery, and color, dealing in parallel with appropriation, and the Duchamp school of thought in the Internet era.
The result is a series of paintings tricking the viewer’s perception, a practice well used in contemporary politics, by means of campaigning, rallying and political media.
Trough the medium of sculpture, the artist opts to render a physical possibility of a lie, by actually creating a series of evocations or ceramic covers of real-found objects, mimicking in the process the act of deceiving, hiding, and covering the truth. In that, the artist echoes Wilde’s concepts on art and politics’ true essence: Deception.

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