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Bringing two types of arts together in a unique combination, “RODINIA” exhibition, a fusion between two arts, painting & handmade chocolate, was born. The theme of the chocolate collection by Particulier is inspired by the paintings of the artist Ilat Knayzeh. Particulier will be transformed into colorful exotic shapes during the exhibition period.
There will be paintings hung on the walls of the chocolaterie and smaller items done by the painter. The chocolate design will match the colors and patterns of the paintings.

The Graphic Designer Ilat Knayzeh started painting since her childhood. She then took painting classes in “Fabriano” art school in addition to classes with deceased painter “Haidar Hammoui”, and started to experiment a personal painting style in 2009. She had already exhibited for two consecutive years in MISHKAL Festival in Masrah Al-Madina (2012, 2013).
Besides her paintings, Ilat has a wide experience in Theatre and Filmmaking. She had participated in over 30 plays & 15 films since 2008 in addition to her being a co-founder of AGONISTIK for performing arts and MISHKAL Festival.

On the other hand, Particulier chocolatier, open since 2013, is specialized in succulent handmade chocolate and lovely edible pieces of art. It works on planning all kinds of special events and houses over 20 different chocolate flavors that change with every season, along with different desserts and gift ideas.
Mrs Rima Tabbara Sinno is the founder and the head chocolatier. She started her career as an artist. She attended classes in interior design, flower arrangement and painting before working on different creative projects from designing lovely furniture to gift ideas and event planning.
She then decided to follow up on a newfound passion and went on to study the art of chocolate making in Belgium.

“RODINIA”, means “the Motherland” in Russian, is the first of its kind exhibition. It’s called so because of it being the beginning, the closest to the original shape of the earth, and the first exhibition they are doing.
The shapes made by the earth as it evolves evoke the shapes in the paintings. The painter happens to be born in 1990, the year this hypothesized supercontinent was named “RODINIA”.

Saurday March14 till Wednesday March 18, 2015 | from 10.00 am - 9.00 pm

Place: Particulier Chocolatier - Marabella Center - facing Socrate, Sidani St., Hamra, Beirut – Lebanon.

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