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Expressive Colouring Night: Mandalas Love

It has been scientifically proven that colouring can help reduce stress levels as it helps you to focus and relax, and that is why we are colloaborating with Aryan Art Collectors to bring you the first of a kind Expressive Colouring Night.

Join us on Friday February 19, 2016 at 7pm to indulge and unwind in the beauty and complexity of colors, mandalas and both combined.

Wood and Paper mandalas are available as per the below:

- 60x60cm Mandala on Wood: 30,000LBP
- 40x40cm Mandala on Wood: 20,000LBP
- A4 Mandala on Paper: 5,000LBP

In addition to that, get to enjoy a lovely collection of products by Aryan Art Collectors including their inspiration Thangkas.

For reservations and information, please contact us on 70 340 950

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