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Extreme Hiking to the Summit of Sannine Mountain with Footprints Club

The Footprints Nature Club always care to listen to our members needs to improve our services as much as possible. And in order to meet the needs of some hikers who always want to do hiking trips of hard level trips, we would like to invite you all to an Extreme Level trip that will take place this Sunday 6 October 2019 to the summit of one of the highest Lebanese Mountains:

Extreme Hiking to the Summit of Sannine Mountain

Mount Sannine is the mountain that can be seen clearly from Beirut. Thus while we are there, we will be able to see Beirut from an altitude of 2500 meters, on our feet and not in a plane!

The hike will start at an altitude of 1500 meters, and we will hike up to the summit of the mountain at 2500 meters.

The hike shall take between 6 and 7 hours, to walk around 17 KMs.

All this make the level of the hike a Hard Level (8 to 9/10). Thus if you feel you are not fit enough to hold this hike, sorry because you will miss all the adventure and fabulous views of the region.

The weather is promising to be a sunny weather. Eventhough it might be sunny, the weather there is very tricky, and might always be cold. And if it turns foggy, things will get really cold. So it is important to get your normal hiking gear with a hat for sun, and a jacket in case it gets cold. On such high altitudes, there is a high possibility of strong wind.

When returning down from the summit, we will slide on the west face of the mountain on the region called “Al-Ba7sa”. This descent will be harder than the ascent. So prepare yourselves...

Note that a minimum of 10 persons are needed to go on with the trip by bus...

Cost Details

The trip's fees will be 45,000 L.L. since the number of participants will be limited, covering:
Transportation from and back to Beirut
Cost of the guides
For more details, please check the event on our website:

For Reservations
Call or send us SMS or WHATSAPP message with the names of all the participants on the number 03-876112

03-876112 للحجز، الرجاء الإتصال على الرقم

You can also send us email with all the names and phone number to:

Note that reservations on the Facebook event will not be counted.

You might be asked to complete the payments before Saturday in the Bank Account that will be provided to you upon reservation. See you...

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