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"Eyes are the Windows to the Soul" -2 by Serge Oryan

In the words of Serge Oryan:

“EYES ARE THE WINDOW TO THE SOUL” 2 is a collection of big-scale faces, different characters, different expressions. The eyes are the Centre of the attention, each one of them tells a different story, very intense with a strong contrast. This strong contrast gives the face an attitude and takes you directly through the eyes to the inner soul of the character.

"There is something amazing about looking into someone’s eyes, you see good and evil, you see honesty and disgrace, you see loyalty and deception.

My daily job is a film director, and the definition of a film director is a story teller, I spend my time looking for the right characters to tell my story, I look for real people, genuine characters, believable and charming, a bad character can ruin a good story, and a good character can pull you into the essence of the story, this is where my job is delivered.

I observe people, I look into their eyes which is the only window where you can have access to their inner soul and see the truth in them, people can control what comes through their mouth and can control their body language, but they cannot control what goes through their eyes, this is where they’re busted.

In my career I travel and I meet a lot of people, different characters and different souls, some come and go quickly and leave no impact at all, and some stay in our memory, and it’s never the physical appearance that sticks in our mind, it’s what we see in the eyes.

The portraits I draw touched my soul at some point of my life and will stay in my memory forever.

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