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  • Every Monday to Thursday from 04:00 pm until 05:00 pm, May 21 2019 to Feb 09 2020
  • Every Monday to Thursday from 05:00 pm until 06:00 pm, May 21 2019 to Feb 09 2020
  • Soft Mozart Piano Lab, Khattar Building, Spears, Beirut, Lebanon [See map] [Hide map]
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Fast Learning Piano Experience @ Soft Mozart Piano Lab Spears

Soft Mozart is an academy providing piano lessons using modern techniques.
Our objective is to help students learn music, maintaining a steady progress and minimizing the dropout rate. We focus on building on the student’s potential and allowing him/her to semi-independently learn and accumulate music knowledge and practice fine motor skills following his/her fine and fragile inner guidance, a quiet voice we all once had, and has disturbed it by the traditional learning systems.

Soft Mozart Academy allows students to learn the piano while keeping them in their social zone, where playing, competing and getting excited are keys to their success.
Our Curriculum is rigid and international and has been implemented in schools and universities worldwide. Our Student will get a certificate in 7 years and not in 9-11 years as in traditional music schools.
We target students between 5 and 90 years old. Our school also caters for pregnant women who would like to get a training to teach music to their future baby.

What you will experience: After one hour you will be amazed how both of your hands are playing written music notes even if you have never learned music. You will also become musically literate through computer interactive games and piano keyboards
If you wish to continue further there is a 7-year-certified program that can follow you with fun and playfulness.

Teacher: The teacher is certified with a Master's degree and accredited to teach Soft Mozart Program

Fees: 27$ per session or 100$ per month (once per week)
Yearly certificate from Soft Mozart USA

For booking or more info, kindly contact:
Tel: 03 778 361