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Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

The purpose of this course is to enable managers who have no experience in accounting or financial management to develop a working knowledge of these areas and to be comfortable discussing financial issues.

It will allow them to read, analyze and interpret financial statements and reports of any operating unit and have a clear idea about its performance and financial situation.

This program will give you the opportunity to be assertive and to bring an added value to your company’s management team through your ability to contribute efficiently in crucial strategic decision-making based on facts and figures.

This course is extremely useful to any person who has no previous or little education in finance and feels the need to have a quick and comprehensive understanding and use of Accounting and Financial information to enable him to have a better contribution to his company.

The cost of this course is $300.

About the trainer
Dr. Esber massabni has a PhD in Economics, a masters degree in Business and he is a sworn public accountant.
He has a diversified experience as a CFO in several multinational companies in Lebanon and abroad. During his professional career, he has covered extensively all accounting and financial topics as a professor and a trainer.

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