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Creativity is the problem-solving capacity of humans; it is an in-built force that works to guide the body and the mind to solve problems. However, human creativity is largely suppressed by the established patterns of modern life because we learn to shut down our inner voice to conform. Creativity is a mix of emotions, memories, thoughts and instincts that come out together to tell us something. Art therapy is the process of stimulating the in-built creative machine in a safe and comfortable atmosphere t
o achieve self discovery, liberation and growth.

FIND YOUR VOICE IN CREATIVITY is a four day Art Therapy workshop guided by artist, art therapist, art educator Anita Toutikian (MA Clinical Psychology, PhD candidate Clinical Psychology, research, trainings, workshops and applications in art therapy since 2003.)

Participants will be encouraged to experiment with different techniques that unlock creative powers, facilitate expression, strengthen interpersonal skills and discover authentic self. These techniques include observing, talking, listening, interpreting, easy drawing, coloring, cut-pasting, writing etc.

Drawing and painting skills are not needed to produce artworks; however, some participants may discover skills unknown to them.

The workshop will take place on 9-10-11-12 October 2012 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at Zico House (see map).

Price is $120 for four sessions including art materials to be used.

Registration is required by Friday 5 October 2012.

For inquiry and registration email:

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