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Finding the Right idea for your startup Workshop
at S17 powered by I Have Learned Academy

(Free Event but Registration is a must)

Let's find the business idea that is perfect for you and swing into action!
Imagine that by this time next year you are doing what you love and running your own business.

Learn in this session:
- The importance of purpose in business
- Discovering your strengths
- Driving the top 3 success activators
- Launching your business idea

The mere thought of taking the leap and starting your own business is mostly a mix of fear and excitement. It feels like every time you’re about to take a step forward, you find yourself taking three steps back. We hear you and we get it… And you know what? It’s not your fault and you’re not alone! How can you go forward if you don’t know which way you’re facing or what you need to do?

If you’ve been struggling to come up with a business idea or if you’ve been coming up with a thousand ideas and you’re not sure which one to go with, we’ve got your back. Attend this session now by booking your slot, places are limited.

About the trainer:
This Training is provided by I Have Learned Academy:
Carole Issa, the trainer for this session, is based in Sydney where she manages her own business named Alephpreneur. She coaches and mentors entrepreneurs who want to go from idea to launching a successful business. She is an Extended DISC® consultant and a certified Meta coach. She trains business owners and high performing teams nationally and internationally in intrapreneurship and team effectiveness.

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Free Event but Registration is a must.
Please register only if you are attending as places are limited.

About S17 new concept branch:
S17 is a daring and 100% unique new branch concept by Saradar Bank.
S17 is a fresh take on banking. It combines the practicality of a digital bank, the convenience of a co-working space, and the conviviality of banking advisors.

S17 is designed for tech-savvy urban customers, putting at their disposal expert support for a host of banking services, as well as digital self-service channels and all the amenities of a co-working, networking, and meeting space – including coffee and snacks.
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